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Join Friends of the Circle!

By becoming a regular donor you will be invited to monthly gatherings where we join together in community and purpose.


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We believe A Course in Miracles has a priceless gift to offer the world.

Will you join us in our purpose? We cannot imagine a purpose that is more deeply needed. We believe A Course in Miracles has come to “grow from infancy into a helper of the world” and the conviction that we are called to play a part in this growth is what drives us. It has kept us going for nearly thirty years, and we aim to keep going, and growing, for generations to come.

But we obviously cannot accomplish such a grand purpose alone. We will need a great many hands to join us. One of the ways in which you can join in this purpose is by becoming a regular, monthly donor. It’s easy to do - and can be as little as $5 per month.

By becoming a regular donor, you will join Friends of the Circle. This is a group composed of both donors and volunteers—composed, in other words, of all those who care about this mission enough to directly contribute to it, with either their money or their time.

As a member of Friends of the Circle, you will be invited to attend monthly gatherings in which we update you on the latest developments in the Circle of Atonement, solicit your input, and join in community. These meetings are a place for us to gather as a single body of those who share in this purpose and are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 3-4pm Eastern.

Many of us feel the deep urge to go beyond being students and become part of the Course’s all-important mission in the world. If this is you, please consider joining us in Friends of the Circle.

Why be part of Friends of the Circle?

It advances our mission to share A Course in Miracles with the world.

For nearly thirty years, the Circle of Atonement has been dedicated to a single goal: helping the Course accomplish its purpose in the world. In service of this, we guide students into using the Course as a hands-on manual for spiritual development, and we have assembled what is arguably the largest body of written work on the Course. But there is still so much more work to do.

It’s simple, affordable, and tax-deductible

It’s easy to get started and your contributions will automatically deduct each month. You can also cancel or make changes anytime and a tax receipt will be sent for your records.

It's sustained support

Every gift helps us share A Course in Miracles with current students as well as continue to reach out to new audiences. As a nonprofit charitable organization, your contributions are a backbone of our efforts to help the Course become one of the world’s great spiritual traditions. The value of monthly gifts is that they allow us to prepare more reliable budgets as well as spend less time on fundraising and more time on our mission.

It’s community

Becoming a monthly supporter allows you to join a group of like-minded friends for a monthly gathering where we will update you on Circle activities and events. You’ll be the first to know about what’s new and have the opportunity to offer input on programming and other behind-the-scenes items.

It’s a chance to become part of the Course’s purpose in the world

This is a chance to be part of our purpose of bringing the Course to the world. The Course says, “The lonely ones are those who see no function in the world for them to fill, no place where they are needed.” Here is a place where you are needed; here is a function that you can fill.

On behalf of all of us at the Circle––Board, staff members, and volunteers––thank you in advance for helping to carry the Course’s light into the world.

NOTE: Financial contributions are not the only way to be part of Friends of the Circle. We also welcome our active volunteers. To join Friends of the Circle as a volunteer, please click here.